C’est Halloween… C’est Halloween, Hey!

31 Oct

Blog title: I took French throughout my middle and high school days. Each year in French class, on our Halloween, we sang this cheesy song to a cassette tape and it would inevitably be stuck in my head for hours, days even, after the fact.

I’m not the biggest Hallowen fan for some reason. I’m not good at carving pumpkins. I’m not super-creative when it comes to costumes. I eat chocolate on a regular basis so the idea of trick-or-treating isn’t very exciting (not that I go anymore).

Camping was the plan for this evening but unfortunately TDH has been spinning his wheels on few IT Projects all week, keeping him at the office until close to 9pm each night. He’s been collapsing in an exhausted heap in my arms the last few nights. Anticipating another late night this evening, I called our camping friends and said we show up Saturday morning for a day of wineries and pizza thus ensuring a “free” night for TDH. And hopefully relaxation.  

The plan? No costumes. No trick-or-treaters. Instead we’re getting takeout, building a fire, making smores and watching scary movies. Not sure how far I’ll make it in the scary movie-thon TDH has enthusiastically planned but I’m going to try to watch the movies and avoid shielding my eyes and ears from the gore and screams on the screen.

Happy Halloween!


One Response to “C’est Halloween… C’est Halloween, Hey!”

  1. Kyla Bea October 31, 2008 at 11:00 pm #

    We had a total of maybe 20 trick or treaters show up – the scary-movie-a-thon we had was awesome!

    Hope yours was too and that you can still sleep tonight!

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