Nora and the Case of the Missing Tent

1 Nov

It sounded perfect. TDH. Me. Southern Illinois. Fabulous fall weather (upwards of 70 degrees). Wineries. Great friends. My digital camera. A tent. Stars. S’mores and campfires.

Ah, it all was going to plan until TDH’s friend called us to say he lost his tent poles. Yup, lost ’em. How? I don’t know. No worries, says TDH, I have one at my parents house.

Bright and early this a.m. after a night of scary Halloween movies and a very yummy living room floor picnic I made, we ventured out to drop off Jack at my parents and grab the tent before we hit the road.

Or so I thought.

Standing in TDH’s old room, glancing around at remnants from his past, he dug through his closet. Gun cases. Large backpacks. Spiderman comics. No tent.

Rummaged through his parents three-car garage. No tent. Went into the basement. No tent. Checked in the attic. The attic closet (how does an attic have a closet I wonder??). All the other former kid rooms. All closets. Even the golf course garage (his parents own a golf course, have I mentioned that?). NO TENT. NO TENT!!!!!

I, of course, had the unpleasant duty of informing my friends we would not be making the trek to see them. They offered us to share their tent, but they are newlyweds and that just seems… wrong.

I wasn’t angry really. It was kind of funny. We had a lovely day in spite of the lack of tent situation. Never really ones to get up early on the weekend except to walk Jack and return to bed, we had many hours ahead of us. We collected Jack from my parents while they had a good laugh over the no tent situation. Took a blanket, went to the park and spread out with books, my camera and of course, Jack for a few hours. Had a light snack, watched the rest of “The Exorcist,” (yes, that is right, I was too much of a pansy to finish it last night), and then I took a nap.

I am sure this is probably wrong on some level but I enjoyed the fact that our friends haven’t called us, considering they believed us to be camping in the wilderness. I like just being quiet, reading books, taking naps, watching movies, just being. Sometimes I forget to just BE with TDH. Always thinking about the next test I have to take, next work projet, next wedding to attend. The here and now is truly important for all of us… a lesson I am slowly learning.

Moral of the story? As awesome as your boyfriend is, never leave it up to him to secure the tent less than 24 hours before camping. Remember to take time for you. And when you are getting 70+ degree weather in November? Go outside! It won’t be long before doom and gloom is bestowed upon us for many months.


One Response to “Nora and the Case of the Missing Tent”

  1. nova November 2, 2008 at 7:54 am #

    quite disappointing about the lack of a tent, but wonderful that you guys were able to make a good day out of it. Maybe it was just meant to be that way – just so you can have some to BE.

    good for you.

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