… and then there were five

6 Nov

As many of you know, I’m working towards my Masters in Business Administration. Since I started the program a year and a half ago, I’ve made new friends, taught myself how to study again, read over 23 chapters in a nine week time period, fought with the administration, gained insight into how my company works, and studied my ass off.

I’m currently taking business law as an online course. It’s literally kicking my butt. We received our first graded assignment today. It wasn’t horrible but it also wasn’t pretty. I’ve been putting many hours into reading, studying, analyzing, de-legalizing the speak and I feel a bit lost.

There are only five courses left for me after this one and I’m not really sure I want to continue. I know, I know, it’s only five classes. Five, nine-week, done in a flash classes.

But it’s also another 45 weeks of studying, papers, notecards, tests, nights at home or at the library. Another 45 weeks of not much freedom. The tether of school is constantly with me. If I’m not studying I feel like I should be. If I finish an assignment it’s on to the next one.

There is also the chance that if I ever search for a new job I’ll be too “expensive,” for people to hire me. The articles in the trade publications don’t help: an MBA is commonplace, like doughnuts and street signs. They are every where.

The ambitious-Nora, the one who never quits, isn’t sure she could live with herself just five courses shy of her Masters.

I am here, at a crossroads, hoping that the two weeks off I have at the end of the year rejuvenate my mind both for school (and work).

Until then, I’m back to color coordinating my notes and wishing I could have caffeine to stay up late so I can have more hours in my day.


One Response to “… and then there were five”

  1. imogenc November 7, 2008 at 10:59 am #

    Hey there:)

    I was playing around with the “random blog” feature on WordPress and yours popped up. Hope you don’t mind me reading & leaving comments (in no particular order :lol: ). Goes without saying you’re more than welcome to do the same…

    I do hope you decide not too quit, after taking that breather. A Master’s always a good thing and it would be a pity to give up before completing it -especially when you’ve already put much hard work into it. It can be daunting, I certainly know, I’ve been there. But, believe me, you’ll feel so proud of yourself when you finally get it -it will make it all worth your while…

    Oh well, good luck anyhow -whichever way you decide to go!

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