Do you ever want to…?

15 Nov

Courtesy of PeterdeWolf. I think he meant this to be rhetorical, but I’m answering anyway.

just embrace being happy? Yes, most definitely. It’s not as easy as one would think, having to deal with internal and external pressures, judgments, etc etc. I’m learning. I’m getting there and it feels awesome.

forget cynicism exists? I’m not very cycnical, at least not anymore, so this is easy for me. Although several of my friends are still cynics so I guess I can’t forget about it too much.

enjoy being uncool? So this is implying that I am uncool? I suppose that nanny-ing on a Saturday night, scrapbooking on an occasional Friday night, watching a movie you’ve seen for the millionth time could be considered uncool. Or it could be considered part of your life and just another day. However, that’s my adult answer. In high school I wish I could have enjoyed being uncool. I was kind of a dork. Yearbook editor, former flute player. I cared what other people though too much.

be silly and loopy? I am definitely sillier than I used to be. I think it comes with happiness to be quite frank. And being comfortable being yourself.

turn the music up?  louder? I love my music to be loud, especially if it’s a song I love. It’s not uncommon to have super loud music in my car. And when I get ready to go out? It’s all rap, baby. Hopefully my next door neighbors don’t mind.

ball your pants up and throw them? I have done this. Usually in my sleep. I can’t sleep with sweats or PJ pants anymore.

only eat the middles of your Pop-Tarts? No! The crust is my favorite part. Try this: pop tart, toasted so the edges are just slightly brown, with a little melted butter on top. Sounds gross, but it’s pastry with butter. Yum. Yum. Yum.

pull their lower lip down with your thumb and forefinger? Ha, I don’t have an interest to do this but TDH does it to me on occasion and thinks it’s funny. It is most definitely NOT funny. Okay, well kind of funny. But I don’t like it.

ask the homeless guy “Why?” Can’t say I’ve ever thought this.

tell people that you loved “Sam’s Town” and that they should fuck off? I have no clue what Sam’s Town is…?

catch a snowflake on your tongue? Confession: while walking my dog in the snow I will stand there and try to catch them. I only wind up catching them in my eyes, eyelids, hat, hair, etc.

spin around and around and around in your desk chair? Heck yes!

pet that puppy on the corner? Um, do you know me? I love, love, love puppies. I would steal puppies sitting on the corner if it wasn’t illegal and I owned a farm.

dance on the sidewalk? Who’s to say I haven’t?  I have. It feels good. Goes with the silly/loopy thing.

stay in this moment forever? Recently more often than not.

Do you ever just want
the person sitting across from you
to want it too?
I’m pretty sure the guy I spent a lot of time with who sits across from me agrees to this one. Thank goodness.


3 Responses to “Do you ever want to…?”

  1. Kyla Bea November 15, 2008 at 10:20 am #

    Oh I really like this one! = )
    And Sam’s Town was a Killer’s album that everyone rejected and was actually really fun imo! lol

  2. SSG November 17, 2008 at 4:10 am #

    yep i’m clueless on sams town too. Wish it snowed more here to catch snowflakes, and that I lived in a city and could walk my dog and wear cute hats and dance on pavements…. sigh…. tired today, can you tell!!

  3. laylou November 17, 2008 at 9:23 am #

    TDH has Sam’s Town. We listened to it the other night. I actually know many of the songs so I can join the ranks of those who like it!

    It’s Monday. You’re allowed to be tired. :)

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