Tidbit Tuesday, Evening Edition

18 Nov
  • Blog Secret. Project completed, thanks to Nilsa who thought it up, spent hours putting it together, and saw it through. I haven’t read all 79 secrets yet, but the ones I have read have been a blend of confusion, sadness, trauma, revelations, hope, looking for inspiration and more. If you have some free time, check ’em out. And my secret? Yup, it’s out there, somewhere. And no, I’m not telling.
  • Wedding Free! I am officially free of weddings and wedding receptions until sometime in April when one of TDH’s best buds from high school is tying the knot. My checkbook welcomes the relief and my closet is breathing a sigh of relief at not having another bridesmaid dress crammed into it.
  • Graduate School. Four weeks left in the Business Law from hell course. Then a four week break and many of you will be pleased, but probably not surprised, to know that I have indeed signed up for classes in January. As much as I would like a break from school, I’m not a quitter, and I would like to have my Masters done so that the rest of my life can begin.
  • Friends. A lot of things happened for me all at once this summer. I met TDH. New job responsibilities. Moved out of my place with ManMate. One of my best friends moved across the country. Another went through a painful break-up. Two more were married. Another started dating a great guy. We all started going separate ways.  My married friends are busy with family and house-decorating, new jobs, managing schedules and bills and new pets. I reach out to my “single,” friends on a very regular basis but schedules are so conflicting it’s maybe twice a month we can get together. Several of my very best friends don’t even live in my city, so we resort to incessant emails, phone calls a few times a week and keeping tabs on one another through Facebook. I guess I just kind of feel lately like I’m floundering around friendless. It’s kind of bumming me out.
  • Living together, what?  A few of you pointed out that I slyly slipped in the mention of TDH and I living together. Take a moment, catch your breath. It’s not happening anytime soon, I mean, I’m still decorating my apartment (and have nine months left on my lease). It’s come up in casual conversation before, but on Saturday TDH asked me what my “plans,” are for when my lease is up. Why, you ask? He wants to live with me. I’m pretty sure my heart melted for the 1,204,393 millionth time. See, I told you it’s not happening anytime soon.
  • Jackers! Update on the dog bed: He’s obsessed. He climbs in it voluntarily a lot. I find toys hidden under the “mattress.” If I move it from one room to another, he follows me in concern. I am so glad it’s working and very relieved I don’t have to vacuum my bed anymore.
  • Twilight!!! I am going to see the movie this Friday night with a few friends. My ticket was bought and paid for several weeks ago. I know the movie is probably going to toy with the vision of Edward and Bella I have in my head, but I wouldn’t be a completely crazed, addicted fan if I didn’t go see the movie on opening night, right??
  • NaBloPoMo: More than halfway through the month. I can keep on plugging, right…???

4 Responses to “Tidbit Tuesday, Evening Edition”

  1. Kyla Bea November 18, 2008 at 7:44 pm #

    That TDH is definitely heart melting material = )

  2. SSG November 19, 2008 at 3:53 am #

    it all sounds so good! and well done on your determination too! I think I sometimes respond to my emotions too much and not listen to my head… is that a good or bad thing? I would be outta there and in with my boyfriend if he had said that early on I thinK!

  3. Scarlett November 19, 2008 at 8:21 am #

    Your TDH sounds like a total keeper :)

    I will one-up you on Twilight ridiculousness. I am going Thurs at midnight. Apparently I haven’t gotten the memo that I am not, in fact, still 15. But Robert Pattinson-hello!!!

    I also feel you on the friend thing. Female friends are so important, and after college it gets tough! People move on, and it is hard to meet new girl friends. So sad.

  4. Little Miss Obsessive November 19, 2008 at 9:52 pm #

    I’m kicking myself for not participating in BlogSecret – it was awesome, what was I thinking?

    I’m so happy you are sticking with Grad school – your almost there, just a handful of classes left, you can do it!!

    I’m sorry about the friend situation.. I can’t really think of any good advice. As we get older, life gets more complicated and it’s harder to find the time for each other – it sucks :(. But just keep trying to plan things, don’t give up – I’m sure you all must be able to make time for each other!

    That’s big stuff that TDH said he would like to live with you when your lease is up (it’s big even if it wouldn’t happen for awhile) So I’m assuming you’d like to live with him? I only ask because I find myself wondering a lot if I’d like to live with a guy before marriage… I’m on the fence about it.

    Okay, I should have just e-mailed you because this is turning into a novel lol sorry!

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