Thanksgiving Traditions

25 Nov

So while things will probably be a little different this year since I’m doing double-duty on Thursday, my family and I have several Turkey Traditions. While I don’t know when/how they started, they’ve become a part of our day in recent years:

  • Darling and I watch You’ve Got Mail, usually before the Boss and my brother are awake. We don’t watch the whole thing per se, but we have it on as background while we flutter about the house getting snacks ready, setting the table and etc.
  • Christmas Wish Lists. Each year, we all sit down together and write our Christmas wish lists, which are posted on the fridge or pantry door in my parents’ kitchen. I think we started this as my brother and I got older, it’s harder to tell what we want (or need, as the case may be) for Christmas.
  • Decorations. We are a little Christmas eager at my house, in a good way of course, so we get out the Christmas tree, add the lights and get started on the outdoor festitivies as well. Bonus if it’s a nice day out so the lights don’t get tangled up in our gloves, electrical tape sticking to our hands and faces.
  • Games! It’s just the four of us each (plus three dogs, hahaha), so after we eat in the late afternoon, we sit around with comedies on the tv and games in front of us. I’m thrilled because TDH agreed to come over for game time and drinks with my family. (It’s only fair, he gets Thanksgiving day and Christmas Eve.) A little healthy competition and laughter ensues.
  • Black Friday. Yes, it’s true. Darling & I venture out for Black Friday. Not in the sense that we stand online at 3 am for the latest video game consoles or movies or DVD players. Just for fun. We stumble out of bed around 7am, ignore make-up and our hair, pray we don’t see anyone we know, and just meander around Target, Pier 1, and whatever else catches our fancy. We tend to buy Christmas decorations, cards, and any little giftie we see that would be good for someone. We top it off by enjoying some lovely IHOP breakfast. It’s great girl time and great fun.

What are some of your Thanksgiving Traditions?

(You’ve Got Mail Trailer for those of you not familiar with it)


5 Responses to “Thanksgiving Traditions”

  1. Nilsa November 25, 2008 at 1:45 pm #

    Your traditions are great! Our traditions are more generic than yours … and the ones that aren’t revolve around food.

    We always watch movies together. Lots of them.

    When we celebrate on Cape Cod, my mom usually starts the meal off with crab cakes. Not what you expect at Thanksgiving, but awesome nonetheless.

    Years ago, my mom made this pain-in-the-ass-but-oh-so-delicious mini onion dish. It’s become a staple for our meals. We haze whomever is new to our table by making them peel the onions.

  2. SSG November 26, 2008 at 6:44 am #

    Hmm… I’ve not seen “you’ve got mail”- is it like sleepless in seattle? I like the film “while you were sleeping”- It reminds me of Christmas time when I was young. Sadly, we dont have thanksgiving here so i can’t really relate to it… A bit like Easter but in November? Food and games? I love board games, and party games, let me know what you’ve been playing!
    And way to go on the NaBloPo or the daily blogging thing… you still manage to write coherent sentences, which is a lot more than me! Happy thanksgiving!

  3. Kyla Bea November 26, 2008 at 9:20 am #

    I can’t imagine going out on black Friday – it looks so scary! I guess you’re not out at 5:00 am?

    I like your traditions though, they’re so comforting and fun, especially the movies you watch every year. You’ve Got Mail’s a really good one.


  4. laylou November 26, 2008 at 2:04 pm #


    You’ve Got Mail is done by the same directors of Sleepless in Seattle. I suppose it’s similar. I love it, in it’s simplicity! Love While you were Sleeping. I watch it every Christmas along with “the Santa Claus,” “All I want for Christmas,” “The Holiday,” “Love Actually,”… my list grows. Thanksgiving is my cornerstone holiday to Christmas!


    No, we certainly don’t head out at 5am. We also don’t stand in lines for game systems and etc. Fortunately where we go everyone is polite, no one gets trampled, things are calm, otherwise we wouldn’t go!

  5. Gigi December 2, 2008 at 12:00 pm #

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who loves “You’ve Got Mail”. Something about Tom Hanks and the bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils! Or maybe it’s Brinkley (the dog) that I like, or Meg Ryan’s hair, or the fact that her face was actually normal then;)

    Movies I watch repeatedly:
    Jerry Maguire
    Sleepless in Seattle
    Something’s Got to Give
    The Sweetest Thing

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