‘Tis the beginning of the season

29 Nov

It’s been almost 30 days in a row of blogging.
I’m at the end of my creative rope.

Now that Thanksgiving is passed and we are all living on turkey leftovers, I can move forward with the planning for Christmas!

My tree goes up tomorrow. Each year that I’ve lived on my own since I graduated college, I decorate my place the Sunday after Thanksgiving, with “Love Actually,” on in the background. TDH is helping me this year. I bought a wreath for my front door, white lights for my balcony (a first for me, I usually do multi-color lights), and then I start in on my Christmas cards.

Lots of festivities coming up in the next few weeks: parties, mini-weekend trips, Christmas concerts, wreathmaking days, carriage ride to look at Christmas lights, cookie exchanges, friend dinners and much more.

Fortunately I have seven Christmas CDs to get me through the next month.

What are your Christmas-decorating traditions?


2 Responses to “‘Tis the beginning of the season”

  1. oh November 30, 2008 at 1:20 pm #

    White lights!!! This is indeed the year for change. My traditions meld with a certain amount of yours (no suprise – since we’re family) but I’m hopping the change train, too. The huge Santa will go in front of the house, not on the balcony. Tons of colored lights out front this year and the pillars wrapped. Hopefully red ribbon swags from the balcony. Oh, wait, wait, you want traditions – Hmmmm…
    “you’ve got mail” DVD with you
    the morning shopping thing (we might morph that to mutual internet shopping!, but still go out for breakfast/lunch)
    advent calendars for all
    Xmas lists on the kitchen door
    A Xmas concert, en famille
    And now that nanowrimo is over, I will assume the Mistress of MisRule role!
    Will be inventing some new stuff and decorating a wee bit differently this year.
    stay tuned!!!

  2. SSG December 1, 2008 at 4:27 am #

    love actually and 7 christmas cds??? my kinda girl! Usually I turn all the house lights off, just have the christmas lights on, have the christmas music, mulled cider or wine, mince pies, wrapping paper and tape and start wrapping presents, mmmmmmmmm

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