Brain Drifting

1 Dec

Do you have things you do on a Monday to make the workday particularly bearable? I tend to drift back in time, to the past weekend and relive my “slices of happy,” that really stand out.

Since the Monday after a holiday is particularly, well, to put it nicely, crappy, I’ve been doing some brain-drifting today.

First up, TDH’s comment on what he’s thankful for: “I’m thankful for this woman standing next to me,” at which point he proceeded to kiss me on the cheek. He said this in front of his whole family. So that makes the 1,560,983 time my heart has melted around this man. Yes, I had to hold the tears back for some strange reason.

Second, TDH’s dad on me being at Thanksgiving: “Anyone who sits at our dining room table is family,” followed by a wink and a smile. Yeah, I had to not cry after that too.

Thirdly, TDH’s aunt just before I left for my Thanksgiving: “Please tell your parents thank you for sharing you today. You really added to our day and are a joy to be around.” Alright, seriously, someone pass the tissues!

Lastly: Dinner with my family. We had a very bountiful feast considering there’s only four of us. I think my dad teared up when he talked about what he’s thankful for. I have an awesome family.


2 Responses to “Brain Drifting”

  1. Nilsa December 1, 2008 at 3:55 pm #

    And here I thought TDH was going to turn and kiss his mom. Phew! Sounds like you were an absolute delight – yay!

  2. SSG December 2, 2008 at 3:03 am #

    that is QUALITY! TDH is sweet! And just remember you ARE worth being thankful for, cos you are GREAT! overnout!

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