In 30 minutes…

10 Dec

I rarely get to take a lunch break. The days where my schedule does it allow I welcome the freedom. I gave myself 30 minutes today and in that time…

* I walked around Target and the Post Office with my coat tucked into the back of my pants. Apparently a thread got stuck on a button. I didn’t feel it until I got back into my car.
* I was honked at twice. Presumably because of aforementioned coat/pant situation.
* I discovered my Post Office is all out of holiday stamps! I bought heart ones, the closest thing to warmth and holiday I could think of.
* I saw a guy inspecting every inch of his shiny, black BMW in the Panera parking lot while he clearly and hurriedly smoked a cigarette so he could rush inside and get food.
* I had an old man tell me I have pretty hair and a great face.
* I noticed five unopened condoms hanging out by my car when I returned from grabbing my soup to go.
* Contemplated running home to let Jack out but realized I’d be tempted by my bed and delicious holiday snacks
* Received an “I love you” message from TDH


One Response to “In 30 minutes…”

  1. SSG December 11, 2008 at 6:06 am #

    hey, you know when people are in love I think they always look beautiful, people are attracted to the happiness, and when you’re in love you’re more open and friendly. that was what probably the old man (and others) saw, the old man just had the guts to tell you!

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