Really Late Tidbit Tuesday

16 Dec
  • Sleepy. TDH and I were to go to a concert tonight, venturing out in the still freezing rain and ridculous temperatures, and I was totally up for it. I had my “rocker chic” outfit all laid out, dinner was cooked and then… he sat on my bed to read a book, I grabbed a blanket and next thing I know I’m waking up two hours later. TWO HOURS. Being the super-awesome girlfriend I am, I fell asleep at 7pm. Wow. I blame it on the fact that I used all of my brain power yesterday on my final. (Have I mentioned that I’m super thrilled it’s over?)
  • Dog. One of my friends emailed me about a dog that is being sent to animal control (it’s legit, a friend of hers found the dog) and so now Darling is thinking about getting it. TDH and I are contemplating it as well. Do I need another dog? Probably not. But if you saw this dog, how cute (rat terrier) and then combined that with  my intense softy-ness for animals, you’d get it. I emailed the girl tonight to see if they’ve already taken it to animal control. I’ll decide what to do after that. I already have a name for him: Henry.
  • Presents. I managed to 90% of my shopping online this year. There is a corner in my bedroom dedicated to the many boxes that I’ve received as a result and no one, I mean no one, is allowed to go snoop in that corner. I’m excited to wrap and share in the joy and love with my family in just a little over a week. I do still have to buy the Secret Santa present for TDH’s sister and write a message for his other sister (yes, I’m part of their traditions now) and plan what snacks/goodies I’m taking and making to my parents for the holidays.
  • Fleece. I have never been more thankful for the snowmen fleece sheets Darling purchased for me last Christmas. Last night, for the first time in weeks, I didn’t need a second blanket on my bed. This cold weather has me overly concerned about the homeless in our society, people and dogs alike. I wish I had a big house so I could have everyone over, make them soup (or supply dog food) and make a big fire. Sounds corny and naive probably, but I wish I could.

2 Responses to “Really Late Tidbit Tuesday”

  1. SSG December 17, 2008 at 3:48 am #

    snowman fleece sheets? I need pictures! and where to buy! sounds lovely… and I know what you mean about helping people, sometimes you just wanna do something and cook and have people in the warmth, but then you realise that lots of them need life changing help, and feel like you should invest in that instead, but then you think, even one nice day for them is better than no nice days? At least, that’s how my crazy mind works, and then end up doing nothing!
    You should do a post on the “helping hands” project,, and maybe organise taking food to people on the street? or helping at a soup kitchen? or arrange a fundraising night for your local homless/ addiciton/ life change charity? OK, just ideas… I sound like a mentalist, don’t I?

  2. laylou December 17, 2008 at 10:29 am #

    SSG: Target is where we bought the fleece sheets. I don’t think you guys have one!? Maybe you can order online, though I don’t know if they ship internationally. I do want to volunteer again. I used to be an avid volunteer person, but with all I have going on, I’ve been too selfish to an extent, so in 2009 I plan to do something about that. I need to locate soup kitchens and etc. Thanks for the suggestions!

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