Sentimental Much?

20 Dec

While I’m a bundle of joy, secret-keeper and present-purchaser-galore during the holiday season there are moments of overwhelming emotion, like these:

* Several of our local news channels have soldiers overseas film messages for their families in the States. Each time they come on I get goosebumps, immediate tears in my eyes, and wish for their speedy return to their loved ones. I think what gets me the most is the men are obviously working to keep themselves together and show little signs of emotions.

* Poppy. The only grandfather I ever knew passed away over 11 years ago, but each Christmas I miss him more than the one before. He had a way of making my Gram laugh and sparkle in a way she seldom does anymore. All of our family dogs gravitated towards him instinctively. He was soft-spoken, incredibly intelligent, funny, an amazing hugger, a lover of all mankind and furry animals, and though he was often a silent observer (he didn’t talk a lot) you could tell he was happy and having fun. Little smiles. Winks. He called me half-pint up until the day he passed away. He and Gram used to come each year; there have been years where I smell his cologne, I see him sitting on the sofa with my childhood dog and I know that he’s still with us. Each year.

* O Holy Night. No matter who sings it, what the rendition or how many times I hear it, I cry. I could be at work, in the car, in the shower, it doesn’t matter… I always cry.


One Response to “Sentimental Much?”

  1. SSG December 22, 2008 at 4:23 am #

    i know what you mean about sentimentality, and people being away from home at Christmas, things make me weepy. This story brought a tear to my eye:

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