Bisous for Nora

12 Jan

The first question I’m answering from Delurking Day is from Liz: it’s about my first kiss, which works out perfectly since 20SB has a carnival going on this month around this same topic.

I have a couple of first kiss stories, so here goes:

Second grade, his name was Steven and he was my “boyfriend.” If you asked me today why or when we decided to call ourselves each other’s boyfriend/girlfriend, I couldn’t answer you. But I can tell you that Steve was the cutest boy by far in my third grade class. A Boy Scout. Only child. Thick head of dark hair. Good teeth, considering our age. Smart. Not to mention he would play with me and my friends on the playground.

One day I was at his house, probably playing with manly G.I. Joes or something  (certainly his idea, not mine. I was a very girlie little girl) in his parents living room and when I looked up, he was right next to me. He kissed me on the cheek. I think, if I recall correctly, I told Darling about it. And one of my babysitters. He gave me his school picture that day, which I carried around in my plastic Hello Kitty wallet until I moved to Florida the following year.


Fast forward to sixth or seventh grade, at which time I was ten or 11 (having started my schooling on the East Coast, when I moved to the MidWest I was considered “young” for my grade). The Boy Next Door, a man I would later flirt with extensively and date at one point in my life, frequented my house during the summer months. I like to tell myself it was because I was there but let’s face it, my parents have a big swimming pool, sun deck and diving board. He was clearly there for the pool. It didn’t matter though, we spent every waking summer hour together and The Boy Next Door was my first “puppy love.” We never officially kissed except on the cheek, but a first kiss from a guy you are smitten with? Now that is something especially in middle school when hormones are a total mess.

We were outside my parents house, just outside of the motion light. He gave me a tight hug; I could smell the detergent his mom used and a hint of Old Spice deodorant and the smell of summer sweat. About to bid him goodnight and pull away, he nuzzled into my neck and then kissed me oh-so-briefly on the cheek.


Next up, my fifteenth birthday. My parents who were always super cool prepaid for a dinner for me and ten of my closest friends for dinner and gabbing at Chevy’s. My first real boyfriend, the kind that takes you on dates, picks you up and asks you to the school dances in a proper fashion which usually involved some sort of small bouquet of flowers. Up until this point, First Boyfriend hadn’t so much as attempted to kiss me and I was seriously beginning to think something was wrong with him. But finally as he dropped me off at my parents house, he leaned in for a kiss. I wish I could say it was fireworks but it was NOT. No movement. Just lips planted on mine. No tongue; as a matter of fact, he never french kissed me in the four or five months we dated. It lasted all of three seconds.

It was more than a bit disappointing.


My second real boyfriend and first of the serious ones, my junior & senior year boyfriend. He was my first french kiss. The setting: in my parents basesment “watching” some gangster action movie that I probably wasn’t paying attention too. The sound of my heart beating faster anytime he moved closer to me pounded through my ears, deafening any other noise, such as movie dialogue. It seemed that within moments, Second Boyfriend swooped in, grabbed me and then Hello Tongue! I will admit I didn’t know what I was doing, but I quickly grasped the concept.

And now, on to the first kiss with TDH. It’s a totally different feeling when you have a first kiss with The One. A feeling of complete and utter fulfillment, bliss,that nothing else could really ever top. TDH waited until our second date to kiss me, the night he cooked me Mongolian Beef with white rice. We talked our entire way through “The Sandlot,” he gave me hand and arm massages on the couch, and as I got more cozy on his fabulous couch, TDH was there. Our first kiss. It was upside down, kind of like in Spiderman, only not as awkard as the Spiderman kiss. I was in heaven. I had wobbly knees. I insisted he walk me to my car so that the first kiss with the man I would fall for could continue.

And that is the tale of the many most important, most memorable bisous in Nora’s life.

(This post part of the 20SB Carnival).


4 Responses to “Bisous for Nora”

  1. rialeilani January 13, 2009 at 7:37 am #

    i love that you did more than one first kiss, because to me there is more than one “first” kiss. first kisses with special people are always memorable :)

  2. Liz January 13, 2009 at 9:49 am #

    Yay! I loved this post. And odd that it was the 20SB carnival theme too. I had no idea!

  3. Little Miss Obsessive January 13, 2009 at 7:29 pm #

    Yay, I love first kiss stories, they are fun – I am going to write mine up too :)

  4. E.P. January 18, 2009 at 2:37 pm #

    This post makes me smile. First kisses, whether they’re the first ever or the first with someone, are always telling. And they can be really special. Aww.

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