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5 Minutes: January

31 Jan

Rather than doing my monthly obsession posts like I did last year, I plan on doing a little bit of “reverb” at the end of every month. I’m borrowing this idea from the #Reverb10 folks and will be taking five minutes each month to write down all the things I don’t want to forget about the month that just passed.

♦ Laughing hysterically while doing Just Dance with my mom (and getting a serious arm/shoulder/back/ab workout in the process. Seriously!). ♦ Teaching Knight’s girls to blow & catch kisses; then watching them do it from the window of his house when I had to leave. ♦ Two snow days ♦ Reading over 1500 pages in January and loving every single one of them. ♦ Recommitting to my health and fitness, feeling the soreness in my body and knowing that I’m doing the right thing and something I love. ♦ Making big, huge, adult life decisions. ♦  Fabulous girl/best friend weekend with Lisa (more to come on that!) ♦ Video chats with amazing friends. ♦ Allowing myself a bit more me time and a bit less everyone else time. ♦ The shock and surprise on my face when I saw that two kids put a bag of dog poop, on fire, on my parents front porch. ♦ Late night dates with Knight full of smiles and love, hope and joy. ♦ Finishing up my two vacation days from 2010, which meant two Fridays off in a row. ♦ Putting together creative and comfortable outfits that express who I am. ♦ Feeling positive, optimistic, excited and very much like myself. ♦

What do you want to remember about this past month?
What are your hopes/goals for the next month?